“Nevaeh” Gear development in present version is divided into 4 parts:

Enhance, MountEnchant and Divine Refine.

1. Gear Enhancement

The gear in Nevaeh can be upgraded by swallowing other gear. The higher the level and

quality of swallowed gear, the more EXP it gains. 


If enhanced gear is used as upgrade material, its EXP will also be transferred to the new gear completely. Basic attribute value of gear will be increased according to certain percentage when upgrading the gear level.The higher the level of gear, the more EXP it needs for upgrade, but the bigger the profits too.

2. Gem Mounting

Gem: Each gear can have maximum 4 mounting hole. The gear you get might already have 1-4 holes. Unopened hole can be opened by consuming diamond. 

Gear of different parts can pair with certain gem only. Only Light Obsidian and Violet Stone can be mount on helmet, Emerald Stone and Amber Stone on breastplate, Moonlight Stone and Saint Stone on handguard, Moonlight Stone and Saint Stone on boots, Dragon Eye and Dark.

Obsidian on weapon, Emerald Stone and Amber Stone on cuish, Light Obsidian and Violet Stone on necklace and Dragon Eye and Dark Obsidian on ring.

The following table shows extra attributes of gems:


3Gear Enchantment

After mounting,attributes of gem will be added into player's attributes.Mounted gem can be taken down from the gear anytime. Player is allowed to refine gear from Lv. 30.

Gear will be attached with 1-4 random attributes according to its level, including: attack, defense, critical strike,critical strike resistance, critical strike rate, critical strike rate resistance, soul and attributes enhancement.There’re maximum 2 similar attributes on a gear. 

Player can adjust the attributes of gear and get desired attributes by refining. Player can also lock some attributes to prevent them from being deleted.

4. Gear Divine Refinement

Orange and red gear of Lv. 20 and above can be refined with Angel Heart and upgraded to divine gear. When all gears on body have been turned into divine gears, you can activate divine suit attribute. 


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