Player can purchase a wide range of rare items and high-end outfits in the shop.

The commodity can ve divided into 3 categories:

  1. 1. Common Items

    Including coins, energy potion, soul stone, surmount stone of all level, star-upgrade gem, mark,

    skill stone, Halo scrap, and the rarest savvy scroll and Halo Pearl.


  2. 2. Class Suit (outfit)

    We've prepared diverse variety of outfits with different attributed bonus for you. The outfits are not only

    visually cool but also poosess powerful strength to give you ectraordinary power in battle.


  3. 3. Gem

    There's wide range of gems of various attribute bonus at shop too. You can purchase the gem to mount

    on your best quality gear to upgrade its power in no time.


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