Dungeon is a place that can produce a big mass of coins. Only Lv.32 and above player can enter.

Player can own maximum 3 rooms and arrange 7 mercenaries in the room.

Gold mine of each room can produce 5000 coins every 15 minutes. Mercenaries can produce coins too.

The higher the level, the more the coind produced. Eyou're allowed to snatch other player's dungeon

coins as long as you can defeat theis mercenaries.


You can click the "locating raid" icon and enter player's name.Consuming one location token

can appoint target dungeon to raid. Location token can be purchased at shop.


Click the raid button on the top right corner of dungeon interface. Everyday first player-pairing 

won't cost any coins, after that you can spend coins yo pair with player for raid. It's a

need to transform into Deity before entering dungeon. You have to defeat the mercenaries

and escape from the traps.


Success in killing all the mercenaries in the dungeon will bring you the target's coins whereas

failure will bring you nothing. Dungeon can be upgraded. Number of coins, room and 

mercenaries will increase rapidly with the level of the dungeon. The upgrade of dungeon needs

corresponding coins and level.


Rich list can be seen in Dugeon. Click the list icon to check other player's situation and own rank.

The list will be reset at 00:00 every Sunday.


In Dungeon, you can click Battle Notice to check dungeon details of player's attack on other player

as well as attack of others on your dungeon. Click Raid to launch a revenge by consuming a

Revenge Token which can be purchased at shop. When player successfully raided a dungeon, a 

Label window will pop up to let player leave comment.


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