【Elf Tales】Server Merge Announcement



Elf Tales Server-Merge Notice Dear Players,
In order to increase the interaction in the game and provide better gaming experience to you, we have decided to have a server-merge

AP will be started to merge at 1430-1630 (UTC+8), 30th of June(Tuesday).
NA will be started to merge at 0230-0430 (UTC-4), 30th of June(Tuesday).
EU will be started to merge at 0730-0930 (UTC+1), 30th of June(Tuesday)

Players will not be able to log in to the game during the server merge.
1. Servers Involved:
Group 1: S4+7
Group 2: S33-34/37-39+35
Group 3: S90+91+96
Group 4: S113+115
Group 5: S125/127+126
Group 6: S128+129+130+131+132
Group 7: S133+134
Group 8: S17-20/23/24+21-22
Group 9: S81-82/84-86/88+83/87
Group 10: S177-122+123+124

Group 1: NA6+7
Group 2: NA9/12-14+15+16
Group 3: NA18-21/23-24+22
Group 4: NA35+37
Group 5: NA54-55
Group 6: NA57/59+60
Group 7: NA62-64

Group 1: EU32+33+34
Group 2: EU9-14+16

Tips: The respective server entrance will be reserved after the server-merge. Players are able to enter the game according to the original server. The data of the server will be synchronized.

**Elf Tales’ Official Team decision is deemed final.
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