[Mystic Realm]- Server Merge Notice



In order to provide our players with a better gaming experience and more chances to make friends, we have decided to merge some servers.

The server merging maintenance will be conducted on the 23 April, from 15:00 to 17:00 and the following servers will be merged during that period. After merging is complete, players can log in the game as usual via the original entrance.

Details of Server Merge

NA9 Licorn + NA10 Gfoot

NA11 Bansh + NA12 Bogle

NA13 Entaur + NA14 Cyclops

EU3 Ilsa + EU4 Ine

EU9 Zephyr + EU10 Tyrion

EU11 Triton + EU12 Regin

EU13 Magus + EU14 Jareth

AP7 Udaism + AP8 Dueri

AP9 Amali + AP10 Zouze

AP11 Zuriel + AP12 Adonai

AP13 Aeshma + AP14 Agla

AP15 Akriel + AP16 Amitiel

AP17 Amriel + AP18 Anael

AP19 Anahel + AP20 Arael


1.After server merge, characters under the same account will be sorted by level and VIP EXP from high to low.

2.If an account has more than 3 characters after server merge, there will be a new function to delete characters until there are only 3 left. You can choose not to delete the characters. Character deletion is irreversible.

3.If your character shares an identical name with other characters after server merge, you will be given a free rename chance. You can log in the game only after the name is changed. You can use the original name back if you are the first player to make the rename.

4.Guilds with identical names will be renamed automatically after server merge.

5.Rankings will be rearranged after server merge. A chief/co-chief will be given a free guild rename chance.

6.All items will be discontinued from Market after server merge.

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