[LS]- Pop Quiz Coming Again!



Hi there! Here comes the pop quiz again! We have received feedback from you about this and we have made some improvements. This time, there are more questions, more options and it’s more difficult too! Provided there are richer rewards too!

Hints: Some answers could be found on the event calendar~

Event Time: 12:00:00, 07 February 2020 until 23:59:59 09 February 2020 (UTC+8)

Those who get 4 questions right will get the following rewards:

-- B.Sycees*100, 1.5x EXP Talisman*1, Purge Ticket*5

Those who get all of them right will get the following rewards:

-- B.Sycees*500, 2x EXP Talisman*5, 10x Gear Hunt Ticket*1, 10x Fate Hunt Ticket*1, Enhance Gem*50

How to participate:

Click the link and choose the correct answer is that easy!



Participation Rules:

1. Each player is limited to one participation

2. Those who take part in this more than once will be disqualified

3. Those who do not like and share this post will be disqualified

4. Rewards will be sent in 3-7 working days after the event

5. Any reward receipt issue will not be entertained 10 days after the event

6. We bear no responsibility towards reward receipt failure due to any incorrect information provided

7. Players who did not LIKES and SHARE the post will be disqualified.

8. The management team of Luminous Sword will not be responsible for any rewards failed to receive due to incorrect character information given

Come join us now! Don’t miss the chance to win all these gifts from us!

**Luminous Sword Official Team decision is deemed final.

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