[Luna's Fate] 11.11 Shopping Spree



11.11 Special Event
Event time: 8th November - 11th November 23:59 UTC+8
Event 1
Shopping Spree
When it comes to 11.11, shopping is the first thing that comes to mind. Let’s share with us your most interesting shopping experience!

【Requirement 1】
Please attach a screenshot of your character in the game
Please attach a screenshot of your character in the game
Please attach a screenshot of your character in the game
Important things need to be said thrice

【Requirement 2】
Only the top 20 most interesting experience will be rewarded

【Requirement 3】
Every player is limited to participate only once. Repeated participation will cause disqualification
【Event 2】
I am single and I am happy. Let’s share with everybody this lovely day
Just like and share this post, rewards will be given when this post gets a certain number of likes and shares

【Event Description】
1 Like = 1 Happiness Point
1 Share = 10 Happiness Points
Rewards will trigger when a certain number of Happiness Points is hit.
Only the highest-triggered reward will be given.

When Happiness Points reach 500:
Bound Diamonds*100 + Peerage Order*5 +Strength soul Gem Pack*1

When Happiness Points reach 1000:
Bound Diamonds*200 + Peerage Order*10 +Strength soul Gem Pack*3

When Happiness Points reach 3000:
Bound Diamonds*300 + Peerage Order*20 + Strength soul Gem Pack*5

**Please remember to write down your Character name and server(EU,NA,ASIA) in the comment below!
**Please ensure that the provided information is correct. If not, the reward mail will be unable to process**
**We reserve the right to amend any of the rules and regulations without prior notice and should any dispute arise, Luna's Fate Official Team decision is deemed final. **

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