Update Announcement



Dear players,

The version update of Nevaeh II is going to be released on 18th July 2019, 14:00-16:00. The new version is same with the original version in terms of content but is more perfect and balanced in terms of game data, in order to provide better gaming experience for our users. Due to data adjustment, the data of the new version is not interchangeable with that of the old version. The players of the old version will not be affected and can play the game normally, but please be informed of the following situations:


1. Due to the difference of value in game, the new version and the old version do not share the data and their servers will not be merged in the future. Cross-server event will be conducted separately too.


2. Players of the old version have to turn off auto update. If your game is updated to the latest version, you will not be able to log in your character.


3. If you accidentally auto update to the latest version but wish to use the original character back, please proceed to our official website (http://nevaehii.eyougame.com/)to download the APK of the old version.


4. For the players of old version, if you want to experience the new version, you can contact our customer service for registration. You will have to download the version update from Google Play Store and create a new character to start the game, but you will be given following experience rewards:

a)        Players of old version (who have achieved Lv. 50 in old version by 18th July) who take part in experiencing new version will be rewarded 2000 Pink Diamonds

b)        Rewards will be given based on the total top-up amount of all characters in the old version by stages (50% of the total amount weekly) to the new character. For example, if you have topped up a total of $1000 in the old version, $500 will be distributed on the first day , another $500 will be given on day 8 and so on.

c)         The given game coins can be used to participate in-game top-up event and earn relative VIP EXP.

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