【Dark Domain】New Update 13.06.19



Greetings! Domain Heroes! 

In order to improve the gaming experience for all players, Dark Domain will be having a New Update delivered by 

13th June 2019: 

Asia: 15:00hrs UTC+8

America: 0300hrs UTC-4

Europe: 0800hrs UTC+1

【New Content】

1. Demonify Antique

-Antique Demonify unlocks at character Lv. 650; Basic stats of antique can be improved with Demonify Essence;

-Demonified antique part won’t be affected if antique is changed;

-Demonify Essence can be obtained from C.S. Boss Fl. 4 and store;

2.External Construct

-The construct system of mount, pet, wings and spirits unlocks Lv. 400;

-The construct is divided into 8 parts and each part can be embedded with 6 apparent gears;

-Embedding apparent gear on construct part will get you gear stats;

-Embedding 6 gears on one construct part will activate this part and corresponding stats bonus and skill effect;

3.Chariot System

-Chariot is now available. Equipping gear on chariot will increase character stats;

-Star-up system of chariot is newly added. You can consume Chariot Soul to star up your chariot;

4.Chariot Dungeon

-The newly added Chariot single-player daily dungeon will be unlocked when character reaches Lv. 330;

-You can challenge this dungeon to get chariot gear and chariot soul as rewards;

5.Deify Pink Gear

-The forging of Deify Pink Gear is available now. You can now forge a Deity Pink Gear with Deify Red Gear and Rose Gem;

-The new pink gear skill will be activated when you equip all Deify Pink Gear;

6.Increase of level limit

-The level limit of character is increased to Peak Lv. 800 (1200 levels in total);

-Grade 13 gear and related forging function is added;

7.Unlock of Peak Switch II

-At Peak Lv. 200, the quest of Peak Switch II will unlock;

- Players who complete Peak Switch II can enter Outland and obtain new Peak Level Stats Bonus;

-Peak Switch II will not affect character level-up but function unlocking;



1.Optimization of Camp

 - Camp will now open on day 8 after server is launched and world server is done distributed;

 - A world camp button is now added for players to switch camps

 -  Revival time of NPC, killing points and supply deduction are changed

 - For Camp Defence, players have to stay in the camp of own server after accepting the quest or the quest will be deemed as failure. 

2. Antique bead equipping operation is optimized

3. New item types are added in Trading House

4. New level stages are added in dungeon

5. Grade 13 Boss and corresponding output is added

6. Switching of class-exclusive item when switching class is optimized

7. When logging into the game, if characters have a certain amount of gear that meet smelting requirement, the system will automatically smelt the material

8. Botting is optimized, Tapping other scene will cancel botting mode. If there is no further manual operation after that, the botting mode will be resumed

9. Mark fusion is added with second confirmation notification

10. Owned Battle Soul Seal Optional Giftpack will be marked

11. Vast Grassland track is added with route guidance effects

12. The lifesteal bug of Engrave skill is corrected to be effective on players only

【Other Optimization】

1. Some Interface Optimizations

2. Greatly optimize server performance

3. Recovery of some in-game contents

Note: Attention to all Domain Heroes, please be sure to log out the game at least 10 minutes before the update starts. Thank you!

Thank you for support & we hope you guys really enjoy the time while playing Dark Domain! Have a great day ahead!

**We reserve the right to amend any of the rules & regulations without prior notice and should any dispute arise, Dark Domain Official Team decision is deemed final.

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