✤Update Announcement ✤


Update Announcement.jpg

To provide the better game experience, our server will be down again for new patching incoming on ⋄ 8th November 2016 start from 06:00 AM - 06.30 AM (UTC+8)⋄

All servers will be affected, and we will announce at here if we can finish earlier or if there is any delay in finishing the updates, we sending our deep regret here first.

Kindly log out from the game 5 minutes before the start of the updates to avoid any unpredictable problems, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

After discussing the feedback we receive from players, we’ve made the following changes.

(A) Aircraft Matrix

1. Newly added aircraft matrix & core, players can get the corresponding material through 5 elements dungeon.

2. Matrix divided into 5 types which are Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Every matrix corresponds to different upgrade material. Limit of upgrade matrix related to flying machine level.

3. Core is divided into inner core and outer core. Limit of outer core level related to aircraft level; Limit of inner core level related to outer core level.

(B) 5 Elements Matrix New Game Play

New game play of 5 elements matrix strong incoming, new rules, more challenging BOSS waiting for you, game play as below:

1. Dungeon divided into Reinforce stage & Restrain stage.

2. Reinforce stage, defeat corresponding elements pillar based on 5 elements reinforce sequence, can weaken BOSS defense, if defeat elements wrongly or missing, BOSS attack will become stronger.

3. Restrain stage, find corresponding elements pillar based on 5 elements restrain sequence, can stronger increase own attack power.

4. Fully utilize five elements matrix reinforce & restrain rules, can greatly reduce difficulty of dungeon.

5. Dungeon can be challenged 2 times daily, refresh the next day.

So get ready to join us in the adventure again!