✤Update Announcement ✤


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To provide the better game experience, our server will be down again for new patching incoming on ⋄ 26th October 2016 start from 06:00 AM - 06.30 AM (UTC+8)⋄

All servers will be affected, and we will announce at here if we can finish earlier or if there is any delay in finishing the updates, we sending our deep regret here first.

Kindly log out from the game 5 minutes before the start of the updates to avoid any unpredictable problems, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

After discussing the feedback we receive from players, we’ve made the following changes.

1. Couple System

Introducing the new couple system of Immortal Dream X:

- Players who are single can post notice to find spouse, and many other single privileges;

- Now offer another option other than getting married. Be together with the one you love;

- Become couple before getting married

About Couple System

1. Fate Pavillion will be available at level 18. Meet the love of your life in game

2. Able to confess to your crush at level 29

3. Add new feature of  Show-off Love. Enjoy the couple privileges!

4. Players with couple can unlock Gem, Ring, and Double Circle Yi Instance at level 38;

5. Players with couple can unlock Love Tree, Wedding Room, Love Shop, Recipe, and etc. at level 42.

6. Married players will also enjoy show-off love and couple privileges

7. Couple would only need very little amount of cost to conduct wedding

2. Destiny  Optimization

i. Now able to invite other player to Celestial Island by sending hyperlink through private message

ii. Add spouse recommendation on wedding invitation interface, spend ingots each time to invite spouse and complete task

iii. Adjust quiz reward rules. The rewards will be given according to the number of correct in a total of 15 questions

iv. The results will be changed to sending through mail with a simplify interface

v. Add EXP effects, EXP buff countdown and other interface optimization

3. VIP Rewards Optimization

i. Adjust VIP rewards, advance pet, relic, and gem available now

ii. Event interface add VIP rewards preview and claim page

iii. Players who are already VIP can claim the rewards in VIP rewards interface

4. Friends Assist Rewards

Add friends assist rewards. Able to claim 10 times daily

5. Online Gift Pack

i. Change the requirement to Impeach Guild Leader. You can now impeach when the guild leader is not online for 2 days;

ii. When joining guild for the first time, the system will send 100 points of initial guild contribution

iii. Fix the problem of member list display doesn’t refresh in time in guild hall interface iv. Time display of main interface of guild feast changed from 15 minutes earlier to 5 minutes earlier

v. Remove the restriction of guild dismiss during cross server guild. Guild not joining in battle can be dismissed freely

6. Cross Server Guild War and Siege War Optimization

Cross Server Guild War Rules Optimization

i. Optimize war info of guild rank and personal rank interface

ii. During the Initial Selection, if the wins are the same, the guild average score for ranking. “Guild average score= Guild total/guild match participation”  

iii. Skip to win will add 1 round, but won’t be calculated into real match

iv. During the Resource delivery, if the score of player is too low, won’t be able to be snatched