《Demoncer》New Updates



Dear Demoncer:
In order to provide our players a better gaming experience, 《Demoncer》We will be having a maintenance on 2018-10-17, 10:00~12:00 (UTC+8) for SEA server and 19:00~21:00 (UTC+8) for US server, 《Demoncer》 Thanks for your cooperation and support.

(Please refer to the game for the exact changes)

【New Features】 
1. Battle Arm System:
①Reaching Level 120 will unlock Battle Arm;
②Consume Battle Arm Advance Orb to advance your Battle Arm;
③Battle Arm appearance will change when grade up;
④Battle Arm advancement max out at Grade 12;

2. Battle Soul System:
①Battle Arm Battle Soul are divided into Talent Battle Soul and Normal Battle Soul;
②Talent Battle Soul has unique talent skill, leveling up Battle Soul will increase talent skill’s effect;
③Normal Battle Soul consists of 7 types, each type contains 6 kind of quality;
④Advance Battle Soul to increase slots for equipping Normal Battle Soul;
⑤Level up Battle Soul by using Battle Soul Points,which can be obtained by salvaging Battle Soul;
⑥Battle Soul Advance by using Battle Soul Points and materials;
⑦Battle Soul can level up to level 20 (Grade 4);

3. Tower of Evil:
①Tower of Evil is a gameplay that challenge boss;
②Successfully clearing the current boss will unlock the boss of next level;
③First challenge of the day will not consume any reward chances;
④The higher the boss level, the better the reward. First time clearing the level will grant extra reward.;

1. Pet Relic:
①Added【Prime Flame】、【Prime Light】、【Prime Darkness】Set Attribute for orange and red quality pet relic;
②New set relic cannot be obtained through praying,can only obtainable by combining relic;
③Actual combine recipe can be checked through combine interface;
Example:【Blaze. Extreme Saint Cape】are made by combining 2【Fytte. Extreme Saint Cape】;

2. Divine Equipment:
①Divine equipment’s grade limit has been increased,now can be advanced up to Divine Grade 8;

3. Partner Advancement:
①Partner are now able to advance to Divine Grade;
②Legendary insignia has been added,can be obtained by combining supreme insignia with supreme scroll;
③Supreme insignia scroll can be obtained through level 120 story dungeon(hero difficulty) and high level treasure box;
④Rainbow insignia scroll can be obtained through dungeon store and high level treasure box;

4. Monster’s HP for God’s Bane 7M CP and below has been reduced;

New Items:
1. Wings:Zeal Dumpling
2. Fashion:Legendary Jersey(Costume only)
3. Mount:Fantasy Bathtub
4. Items:Legendary Insignia、Battle Arm Advance Orb、Talent Battle Soul Rune Stone、Random X Battle Soul(X=White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red)

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