《Musuo Glory》 Update Notice



Hey warriors, we are going to have an update at 9:30 - 10:30(UTC+8), 10th of July! Can't wait for the new update? Here are some more details! Kindly visit our Official Facebook Page for more information.

New Feature: Six Realm S.Craft System(Reach lv.115)
-A player is able to get a huge amount of basic and special attri. from Spirit Craft system to hugely upgrade CP
-Spirit Craft is categorized into 6 reincarnations, and only the corresponding spirit craft can be equipped to a certain part
-Any one of reincarnation position can only equip 1spirit craft
-A player is able to recast, refine, advance and so on to make spirit craft powerful
-If all six positions have been equipped spirit craft, it can activate a set effect

-New Weapon Shapeshift: Big Sword

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