• UPDATE START - 2/2/2018 - 15:00-18:00  utc+8

1. New Contents

★【Fashion Sets】

1. The fashion set can be browsed in the fashion tab

2. Able to switch between normal armor and set. All fashion are available for tryout while equipping set

3. Activate for 3 or 5 armors of set to get set attribute rewards

4. Activate all armors of set to get exclusive set attribute

5. There will be 2 new sets for this update: Kings Return set and Lover Whisper set

★【Salvage System】

1. Access through "Salvage" button of "Support"

2. Players are able to salvage the high grade items into lower grade items.

★【Special Gesture】

1. New Single Special Gesture - flirt, taunt, prayer, dummy, hot dance, and grieve

2. New Double Special Gesture - duet

3. New Lover Special Gesture - Princess Hug

4. All gestures are able to be obtained through Love Fruit Machine

★【Fahion Dye】

1. Fashion dye now has two dyes, "Seahymn" and "Black Suit"

2. More dyes coming soon on future updates

★【New Elves】

--[Elf] Lightning Guardian

--[Elf] Divine Glory

★【Kings War】

--[Gameplay] New "kings War" gameplay, defeat target to complete quest. There are "Regional Battle" and "Dragon City Battle"

--[Regional Battle] Defeat opponents of local server to complete quest.A31

--[Cross-server Battle] Defeat players from other servers to complete quest.

--[Quest] Starts from 1-star quest every week. Complete all 1-star quest to proceed to 2-star, so on and so forth until 5-star quests. The progress will be reset on every Monday.

--[Reward] Players are able to spin the roulette once for lucky draw. Proceed to next level of quest after the lucky draw.

★【Paperplane Aircraft】

--[Aircraft] "Paperplane" aircraft is officially on sale. Stay tuned for more information.

--[Battle Skill] “Accelerate” each attack has chance to increase movement speed.