[EUROPE] S27 - KRIAMS is New Launching


s27 kriams.jpg

We hereby recruit brave heroes from all of the world to defeat the evil and restore peace in Valaron Mainland.

EUROPE - S27 - KRIAMS  will be launching on 11st DEC 2018 at 10.00 UTC+1

We'll all be waiting for you with our new server events.

✧1st Recharge
★【Event Period】Permanent
★【Event Detail】Recharge any amount of diamonds, and enjoy daily rewards for 3 days!
★【Rare Reward】40 Level Azure Sword, Pasta Soul, [Relic]Dragon Kiss
★【Way to claim】[1st Recharge] interface

✧Accumulative Recharge
★【Event Period】7 days during the server launch period
★【Event Detail】Recharge to reach the corresponding amount to claim the reward.
★【Rare Reward】 [Everlast]Costume, [Everlast]Wings, etc.
★【Way to claim】[Hot Event-Accumulative Recharge] interface.

✧First Recharge Diamonds Rebate
★【Event Period】Permanent
★【Event Detail】Get extra diamonds at every price on first recharge
★【Way to claim】Rewards will be send when successfully recharge

✧Flower Rank
★【Event Period】Available on the first week (7 days) of our server launch period
★【Event Detail】1 flower = 1 charm point! Flower ranking only available on first week since server launch! Become the charm king/queen if you can!
★【Way to claim】[Hot Event- Flower Rank] interface.

✧Flower Escort 
★【Event Period】Available on the first week (7 days) of our server launch period
★【Event Detail】Players will get escort points according to the amount of flower you have sent out! It is as same as the Flower Ranking, Flower Escort ranking is only available during the first week of our server launch period! 
★【Way to claim】[Hot Event- Flower Escort] interface.

✧Lucky Coin
★【Event Period】Permanent
★【Event Detail】After level 40, you will have 1 chance each day to draw a number in the column! When all the numbers are shown, those coin will be yours! 
★【Way to claim】[Hot Event- Lucky Coin] interface.

✧VIP Gift 
★【Event Period】Permanent
★【Event Detail】Every VIP 0 player that becomes VIP 1 will able to claim an extra gift as a celebration!
★【Way to claim】[Hot Event- VIP Gift] interface.

✧VIP Rebate 
★【Event Period】Permanent
★【Event Detail】Once the player has reach the designated VIP level, then whole server will be rewarded! Each player can receive the corresponding reward according to their own VIP level! 
★【Way to claim】[Hot Event- VIP Rebate] interface.

★【Event Period】Permanent
★【Event Detail】Invest USD10.99 to get 1700 diamonds and 1Mill Coins rebate; Invest USD74.99 to get 11880 diamonds and 3.5Mill Coins rebate.
★【Way to claim】[Hot Event- Invest] interface.

✧New Server Event
★【Event Period】Available on the first wee (7 days) of our server launch period
★【Event Detail】During the event, reach the designated target to get extra reward!
★【Rare Reward】Savvy Potion, Lv.6 Crt Gem, Lv.6 Smash Gem, Lv.6 ATK Gem, Lv.6 Hit Gem 
★【Way to claim】[Event- Server Launch Gift] interface.

✧7 Days Achievement
★【Event Period】Available on the first week (7 days) after character had been create
★【Event Detail】During the event, reach the designated target to get extra reward!
★【Rare Reward】Quality Gem, Advance Scroll, Energy, Divine Power Crystal
★【Way to claim】[Event- Seven Day Quest] interface.

✧Consume Roulette 
★【Event Period】Weekly Refresh
★【Event Detail】Consume diamonds to spin roulette
★【Rare Reward】Diamonds Rewards, [Relic]Dragon Teeth/ [Relic]Kilin Scale、Mystery Refresh Scroll
★【How to join】[Hot Event- Consume Roulette] interface.

✧Limited Purchase
★【Event Period】Permanent
★【Event Detail】Player will be to buy limited item in here. Items will refresh everyday.