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★【Aircraft   Realm】


1.   Use the shard items to activate respective battle skill aircraft

2.   Battle Skill Aircraft is an aircraft with unique appearance, activate them to   enchant in the interface

--[Battle   Skill]

1.   Each Battle Skill Aircraft has unique set of battle skills, activate the   aircraft for respective battle skills

2.   Battle Skills acquired can be switched in the basic interface of aircraft

3.   The battle skill will only be valid when on board of the aircraft

4.   After activating the battle skill aircraft, players are able to use the   respective shard items to upgrade the aircraft realm, enhancing the effect of   battle skill

★【C.   S. Class Match】

--[Unlocked   at] Lv.55

--[Event   Period] Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 22:00—22:30


1.   Qualifying match on Monday and Wednesday, Final and ranking match on Saturday

2.   Each Qualifying match has 5 rounds of matches, every Final and Ranking match   have 3 rounds of matches, each

3.   Players of same class will compete against each other

4.   5-12 players of the same class with similar level will be assigned into the   same event scene

5.   Enter the match after successfully matched, all players are able to attack   each other

6.   The player who defeated the opponent for 5 times first wins the match, while   the one who has been defeated for 5 times will straight away lose the match

7.   After the end of second match, the first 32 players with the highest score   will be qualified for the Final, the rest of the players will join the   Ranking match

8.   The Final is in the form of elimination, where the winners can proceed, while   losers will be casted out

9.   After the end of each Qualifying, Final, and the Ranking match, rewards will   be given according to the score of players

★【Artifact-Twilight   Soul】

--[Activation]   use the item [Twilight Soul Shard] to activate the artifact. It is a time   limited artifact, wich is unavailable for star-up

--[Way   to Get] C. S. Class Match Champion Prize


1.【Anti-control】Cast   the skill to remove own debuff

2.【Control   Immune】During the skill duration period, completely immuned from the debuff

3.【DMG   Reduce】During the skill duration period, reduce own damage taken 60%            ★【Wings】

--[New   Wings]

1.   Chaos Spirit

2.   Get it through Special Event

★【Mount   Engrave Effect】

1.   When the Mount Engrave total level reaches certain value, players are able to   get the mount movement light effect.

2.   The light effect will move as the mount goes. Switching mount will not affect   the display of light effect

3.   The light effect will only be available when the player is on the mount

★【Battle   Skill Aircraft】

--[Name]   Cute Panda

--[Battle   Skill] Each jump has a chance to reset the cool-down of jump

★【Level   Limit Increment】

1.   The level limit of players is increased to 120    2.   Unlocked new gears, new dungeon, and many more

★【C.   S. Mode】

--[Team   Dungeon/Secret Garden/Exorcism] The team-based gameplay now add C. S.   Mode.When the players create a room, select the C. S. Mode to team up with   the players of other servers


1.   The players are able to get soul of different part and quality through the   soul hunt

2.   The soul can be categorized into Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red, each   with 10 different parts. The soul has 1 basic stat, and 0-3 ramdom stats

3.   The soul can absorb the other soul for upgrade. The soul with higher level   and better quality can produce more EXP. The basic stat of the soul will be   increased with each upgrade. And the random stats will be upgraded in every 3   levels

4.   When the players equip 3 or 5 souls on each part, it can activates certain   skill

5.   When the players get soul, there is a chance to get the rare percentage stat.   The buff of the percentage stat is corresponding to the basic stat

★【Love   Match】

1.   The players can join the Love Match through answering questions. The system   will introduce players to each other according to the questions they have   answered

2.   In every 3 hours, the system will send a bubble notification of Love Match to   the players

3.   The married players are unable to participate the Love Match                     Optimizations                 ★【Items】

--[Optimization]   When checking the stats of items, the display is changed from the item icons   to dynamic resources

★【Supreme   Warlord Statue】


1.   The posture of statue has been changed from sitting to standing

2.   Addition of the display of Warlord mount, spirit, pets, fashion, and artifact   resources


--Greatly   increased the CP enhance rate of Mount Enchant Card activation, and the   engrave


--[Optimization]   Unbound Diamond and Gold now have a "+" button. Tap to directly   open the top-up and Gold exchange interface

★【Apprentice   Limit Fix】

--Fix   the issue where the players are unable to have apprentice for up to 12 people

★【C.   S. Class Match】

--[Optimization]   The event period has been changed from the Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at   to Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 22:10-22:40

★【Level   Guide】

--[Amendment]   Players can now complete the guide again and get rewards